My first Friday night dates ever were with the hunky fellas of ABC’s TGIF lineup. I entered the age of childhood crushes as I watched those sitcoms, and I did a happy dance when Netflix announced it was bringing back to life the world of Full House.

Fuller House will not disappoint Tanner (and Gibbler!) fans of years past. The cheese factor is in full effect. If you aren’t expecting it, it’s because 2016 TV has ruined your appetite for the good old days. Beware, though, because Fuller House still hides some tear-jerking moments, just like it did with DJ’s struggles with weight.

Ultimately, the show is exactly as silly and fun and family-loving as it was way back when. Kimmy Gibbler has somehow remained her ridiculous self and gotten appropriately older at the same time, and Stephanie is still as middle child as she can be.

Go into this show expecting your feel-good vibes of past Friday nights, and you won’t be disappointed.


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