Oh, 2016. I have been anticipating this year since I became a mom in 2010, and it is finally here.

My babies will start kindergarten this year. All of them. Together. Gone.

We have seven months until then, and while I beg the clock to slow down FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I am planning to soak up the freedom before we get caught up in The Ststem.

  • Orlando in three weeks for RunDisney events.
  • Atlanta sometime before April to take advantage of the Georgia Aquarium’s Mommy and Me free weekday admission.
  • Season passes for Cedar Fair amusement parks with as many visits to Carowinds as we can manage plus at least one two-day trip to Cedar Point and probably more than one visit to King’s Island. King’s Dominion isn’t too far, so maybe we’ll visit there simply because we can.
  • So much boating.
  • So much pool time.
  • Invent a time turner or figure out apparition or something because my list is exhausting.

Thankfully we also adventure from our house, too, and we do it while cuddling.

Netflix, you are amazing.

Netflix adventures on our list:

  • Planet Earth
  • Sherlock
  • New episodes of Sofia the First

If you haven’t watched Jessica Jones, that’s one adventure you need to take.

Netflix, when can we have season two? Soon, please!

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