It isn’t often lately that I jump on a bandwagon when it’s fresh and just starting to roll, but I somehow managed to have time AND remember that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt premiered on Netflix this month.

Y’all, this show is EXCELLENT.

Ellie Kemper, who plays (the unbreakable) Kimmy Schmidt, was hands-down my favorite part of The Office’s final few seasons. Seeing her in a new, bigger, better role is so much fun.

The show is a Netflix original that comes from the brain of the amazing Tina Fey. That’s right, Tina Fey just dropped a bundle of wonderful in our laps that we can binge on thanks to Netflix and the magic of not being at the mercy of commercials and year-long seasons.

Kimmy was kidnapped as a teen and kept underground in a bunker by a “reverend” who told Kimmy and her three bunk(er?)mates that the world had ended. They’re rescued, and Kimmy decides to stay in New York City after appearing on the Today Show (during which she calls Matt Lauer “Bryant,” which is just one of the hilarious 90s references the writers slip into Kimmy’s daily mistakes because 1. Kimmy is stuck in the 90s, and 2. Kimmy is stuck in her middle-school world).

The show follows Kimmy’s adorably hilarious assimilation into the 2010s and the lives of the people she picks up along the way.

Oh, and did I mention that Jane Krakowski plays the role of Jacqueline, Kimmy’s boss/friend? It’s like they took some of the best parts of 30 Rock and The Office and smushed them into one amazing show!

p.s. You can listen to Kimmy’s 90s playlist on Spotify, but be warned: Young Kimmy had the same taste in music as Young Jenny, which was pretty terrible. It is occasionally painful to listen to. I’m looking at YOU, Real McCoy.

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