How many of these monthly Netflix Stream Team posts have I written about RENT! now? Oh, so many.

Streamers are talking about musicals this month. The shows I’ve had stashed in my list for a while now range from RENT! (duh), to Footloose to Glee to The Phantom of the Opera(aaaahhh! Beware, the phantom of the … oh, wait).

Sadly, I don’t have many ETC-friendly musicals on my list. We tried Shrek the Musical, but the opening scene with Shrek’s parents kicking 7-year-old Shrek to the curb just … wasn’t appropriate.

We tried Mulan, but I threw in the towel when the questions about war started.

Thankfully, our old standards are full of music – Daniel Tiger, Signing Time, Sesame Street, Super Why.

If I see Mamma Mia pop up in Just Added, oh, man – ETC would flip out! Until then, we’ll just be grateful DVDs don’t wear out.

(Pssst, I’ve been secretly pining for a chance to see High School Musical. Soon, I hope!)

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