New job ventures for Rob have meant a lot of solo-parenting nights with ETC. (A lot = 4-5 nights a week.)

With a day full of rambunctious 3-year-old shenanigans (cubed – because x3 isn’t really accurate), and the 70-30 chance I face bedtime meltdowns, I find myself in the dark more and more.

I tuck them in, turn off the light, close the door and retreat. I could be productive and clean up right away (like Rob does – he is a stronger than me) – God knows the pile of dirty dishes in the sink need washed or put in the dishwasher (which usually needs unloaded). There are stray toys left behind after ETC’s cleanup job (they’re 3 – they miss things). The laundry is forever in need of attention. I have to sweep the floors, wipe down the kitchen table, counters and ETC’s chairs (gross). Blankets need refolded. I usually need to look through the mail we brought in earlier.

There are Things To Do. Clearly.

Instead of retreating from the bedtime chaos and jumping right into my final cleanup duty, I collapse on the couch without turning on a light (bedtime currently happens just before sunset) and dive into social media.

I need that time with silence, stillness and the magic of adult voices inside my computer/phone that allow me to connect without doing anything at that moment if I don’t want to. Before I know it, I look up to total darkness, silence and a renewed motivation to get back to work and finish my day.

Or rather, so I can be left with no responsibilities but my writing, reading and marriage – when my husband finally gets home.

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2 Responses to When it gets quiet

  1. Jess says:

    This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! A will be leaving me alone with the 6 month old twins 2 nights a week for the next 3 weeks and although I know I can do it I hope they will be somewhat easy to put down on my own! It is so much easier when there are 2 people (I don’t know how you did it with having 3!). I also struggle with what to do EVERY night when they finally go down…there is always so much cleaning and organizing but at times I just want to relax and read or catch up on a show with the hubby. But as soon as I do those couple little things it is bedtime, hoping I can get a few solid hours before one or both of the twins wake up! Dilemma’s of a parent I guess lol. Please don’t mind my venting hahaha.

  2. Anne R. says:

    Your (second to last) paragraph. This exactly for me. :)

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