It’s certainly cold enough for snow here in Charlotte, but as it usually is when we get this cold, it’s sunny and clear with nothing but blue skies and cold, cold, cold plus wind.

I miss living in a snowy climate. I grew up in the snowbelt of Northeast Ohio, and sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating & skiing are some of my favorite childhood memories. I’m the oddball who moved south with a melancholy feeling of loss when I left my promise of winter fun each year. We’re only two hours from quite a few nice ski resorts in the North Carolina mountains, and Ohio is still full of family and friends who would love visitors. There are snowy opportunities, but it won’t be a regular part of life.¬†Part of me is sad that ETC won’t be immersed in winter life, that it’ll only be a rare & temporary experience for them.

Then I think about how long it takes me to get them into a single layer of clothes some mornings (there are many I give up and declare pajama days), and I want to kiss our mild winters here in Charlotte, NC. I’m talking a big, sloppy, right-on-the-lips kiss.

How many snow memories does one need, anyhow?


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  1. yetunde says:

    I live in Calgary and I’m wistfully dreaming of my days in New Orleans when the ONE time it snowed, we actually brought out our cameras because it was all so new and exciting

    First time on your blog and glad to meet another bookloving, MoM “cyster”. (My twins were born Nov 2010)

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