Because there was much hemming and hawing on my part about reading “Gone Girl,” from the crazy loved it/hated it hype to my wariness at a possible infertility story that rubbed me the wrong way, here’s my review from Goodreads:

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7 Responses to Review: Gone Girl

  1. So glad to read your honest review. I ended the book and wanted to throw it across the room. It actually made me angry; I couldn’t see the cleverness behind the twist because I was so irate at Nick. I wanted to stab Nick and Amy both in the eye. Or at least give them a good throat punch. Ha!

  2. zanne says:

    I read GONE GIRL and really enjoyed it, even though I didn’t like the characters much, either. I read one of her other books, DARK PLACES, which I also enjoyed. Very dark and twisted.

  3. Beth Anne says:

    I loved the book.

    Hated the characters.

    Loved how much I hated them.

  4. I found the book to have a slow start, then it really sucked me in, and then I HATED the ending. So yeah, not sure what to think LOL

  5. Beth says:

    I completely agree with your review! I was pretty caught up in it while reading, but when I finished, I was just so meh about it.

  6. I ended up so disappointed in Nick.

  7. Miriam says:

    The characters were the worse! Hated them soooo much! I actually ended the book (read it for book club) and thought, “I really didn’t like this book.” I thought about it again a bit later though and once the wanting to burn to book urge passed I think I actually did like the story overall. It’s definitely not how I would write a book, but Gillian Flynn is a great writer.

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