I started my Goodreads account years ago before babies were even part of the conversation let alone the equation. At the time, I created two separate accounts to keep my books separate from the children’s books in my collection (Why come you have children’s books with no children? you ask. Because my mom is a retired kindergarten teacher and passed down her classroom library. I’m a book nerd and knew we’d have children someday, so I hungrily took them and lovingly cataloged and stored them for future use.).

The time has come to join the two and keep track of the books Toby, Eleanor and Callista read as well, so my two accounts are now one.

For now, What Jenny Reads is a record of the books I’ve read and rated. If I’ve read it in the last few years, I also include spoiler-free reviews. I reviewed books on my blog for two years, and I may start again soon, but in the mean time, you can check out my super short reviews on Goodreads. I also keep track of up-and-coming reads using my To Read shelf.

My Children’s Books shelf is a record of all the children’s books we own. I haven’t rated or reviewed any of those yet, but I’m not sure I’m going to any time soon. What I think of those books doesn’t matter as much as what my kiddos think, and toddlers tend to change their opinions as often as we change their diapers.

So there you have it. A friendly heads up for those interested in what books cross through our house and which ones are here to stay. The button in my blog’s sidebar links directly to What Jenny Reads shelf on my account. From there, you can navigate to the Children’s Books shelf if that’s what you’re looking for. Give a holler if you’d be interested in seeing more bookish things cross your screen here, and I’ll work on getting back to more regular book talk.

Till then, happy reading!

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2 Responses to Book nerds gather here

  1. I love GoodReads! Off to friend you on there! :o)

  2. I’m a big fan of Good Reads too. I think I’ve been on there close to 5 years now. I used to keep track of my personal library on there, but now I just use it to keep track of what books I’ve read. I also use the site to read reviews of books.

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