People have asked how we chose to assign beds or if we switch them around to give them time in a different spot or next to someone different.

We joked in NICU that Toby and Eleanor, neighbors from the start while unit configurations meant Callista was in a bed space further away, would be kept separate at home because if one had an alarm-sounding event (Bradycardia, apnea, or other preemie-related episode), the other almost surely followed suit within seconds. They were in sync from the start, and we knew such teamwork would eventually be used against us as parents.

For one reason or the other, we had Eleanor in the middle when they first came home, but we later switched Callista into that middle spot, but not because of troublemaking. They were too young at that point for such shenanigans.

Our reason then was to promote a bond between Toby and Callista. Callista and Toby both played well and frequently with Eleanor, but we rarely saw Callista and Toby playing together without Eleanor. They seemed to butt heads more if their sister wasn’t there, and putting them next to each other during their alone time only made sense.

It made further sense as they slept longer stretches, and we learned that Eleanor and Toby are light sleepers while Callista sleeps like a rock.

Now, with these most recent crib-hopping episodes, our choice has once again proven smart. Callista is the voice of reason, telling her siblings, “No! Get down!” while gently pushing their climbing feet down from crib rungs.

As she turned to dissuade Toby from climbing, I overheard Eleanor say, “Toby! Come on! Come over here!”

No, we won’t be switching bed assignments any time soon.


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  1. K says:

    OMG I love their interaction! I love that they each have their own personalities and to hear how they get along and things they do is really nice. Thank you for sharing :)

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