I originally posted this on Instagram, but it’s too sweet to not include here on my blog, a place with more easily accessed archives for my viewing pleasure.

Rob’s Mother’s Day gift to me this year was an IP camera in the babies’ room – essentially a security camera we can monitor using computers and mobile devices, aka a cheap way to have a video monitor.*

Watching my girls play over the monitor while we let Toby catch more Z’s. Eleanor begged Callista’s seahorse off her, asking/signing, “P(l)ease?” Callista gave in, & Eleanor set to her Little Mommy game, holding her 2 babies (1 isn’t enough around here!), then carefully arranging them next to each other before covering them with her blanket. “S(l)eeping!” Callista patiently watched & Toby slept on.

Many have asked, “How do they not wake each other?”

Honestly, I think it’s just the magic of multiples or perhaps the magic of sharing a space since the start (though they were technically separated by isolettes, not-close-by-bedspaces and walls before being placed in the same room for the last month of our NICU stay. Since then, they’ve shared a room but never a crib (though they did nap in one pack-n-play for a few months). They don’t often wake each other, especially when they’re truly tired. Someone walking into their room is more likely to wake everyone than one or two awake and happily playing. This is why, if one or two sleep while one or two happily play, we let them be until everyone is awake.

Another question I get is about bed-hopping. So far, we haven’t seen anything close to it. Eleanor has scaled halfway up her crib rails, but I suspect the thin rails of their IKEA Gulliver cribs ($99 cribs-to-toddler-beds, what what!) keep them from trying to climb. That, or no one has mentioned this climbing possibility. Don’t even think about whispering this to them!

*Our Loftek camera runs around $70 on Amazon vs. video monitors that typically cost $250. Back in my baby-registry days, I didn’t want to designate that much money on something I was afraid I’d spend too much time watching rather than getting rest or tasks done around the house. I probably would have watched too much, but I kind of regret not having one. It’s nice that we waited so long, because I had never known about using an IP camera instead of those expensive jobbies back in the day!

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8 Responses to I’d miss these moments

  1. Becca says:

    I love these pictures!!!

  2. Paige says:

    We love our wireless IP cam! I still watch O sleep and play every Tuesday and Thursday =)
    ….and Sammy the Seahorse.

  3. I loved this story when I first saw it on Instagram and I think it was perfect to capture “forever” here on the blog.

    I love our wireless webcams and am totally on that same page – why spend $250 on something you can do for $80 and have MUCH better access to? Our cams we can check on computers, cell phone, and the Kindle Fire. Major win!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Thank you so much for detailing your video set up! I’ve been meaning to ask you about it on Instagram. Those are some of my favorite pics!!

  5. we’ve discussed this cuz i would love to see her talk/play with herself. but overhearing her will be enough for me for now. ha

  6. ellbeejay says:

    I have a question for all of you: what service are you using for your webcams? My husband and I thought we were so smart, registering for a webcam, but we really never used it, since the service (Seedonk) only worked for 5 minutes at a time before you had to reconnect via the original device (our home computer) so it was not so useful. I’d love to know what y’all are doing!

    • Jenny says:

      Our camera doesn’t have a service. It can connect wirelessly to our home network, but we have ours hardwired. Everything is free/included with the original sale price of the camera itself.

  7. […] and Feeding:  After reading a blogging friend’s post, I ordered myself a cheap £30 IP camera to use as a baby monitor.  After all, I did my final year […]

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