A year ago, I dressed the babies in their Dad-centric onesies and posed them the best I could. The image would become part of a birthday gift for Rob, and it was hilarious trying to get my three tiny newborns (their adjusted age hadn’t quite hit one month even though they were actually almost four months old) posed and camera-ready. I couldn’t get them all to even have their heads in one direction, much less their eyes focusing in somewhat the same spot! Their newborn-size clothes were laughably huge on them (Circo onesies never fit my kids), and their pants only fit around their fluffy cloth diapers.

They were so obviously premature babies.

This year, they’re toddling around the backyard, watching and helping Daddy put up our fence. They’ve eaten dirt and carry around heisted milk cartons from the recycling bin. They love pointing out planes in the sky and are fascinated by all the mysterious noises of the outside world.

I still can’t get them to look in one direction.

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4 Responses to On this day

  1. Becca says:

    So strong and feisty <3 Wonder who they get that from?

  2. sarah says:

    So adorable! Love this idea for Rob!

  3. Brooke says:

    It’s mind-blowing isn’t it?

  4. Caren Drink says:

    Have you tried the self timer? My sisters kids were so fascinated by the blinking light that she could occasionally get a good one of her two, with her in the picture even. Good luck! Your kids are adorable.

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