Mothers, what wisdom, encouragement or straight-up truth would you tell yourselves during your introduction-to-motherhood phase? Dear New Mom is a new site, founded by Nikki Katz, that answers that question.

Contributors write as if they could send a letter back in time, sharing “The bad. The good. The ugly. The beautiful. The depression. The elation. The gossip. The advice. The trials. The triumphs. Real stories from moms, writing back to their “New Mom” self.”

I added a letter of my own, remembering a time I sought reassurance from other moms of multiples and asked, “When will I feel like a mom instead of an assembly-line grunt?”

Dear New Mom,

You are not an assembly-line worker. You are a mother.

Though you may swear you can hear the echoes of rhythmic machines, chug-chugging, whir-whirring and clank-clanking as you work through a routine of feeding, rocking, soothing, diapering, laundering, washing, retrieving and so on, and you wait with baited breath for the sound of the work-day whistle, something you long for but never hear – you are not an assembly-line worker.

Read the rest at Dear New Mom.

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