As they grow older, I find myself forgetting to get this or that on video or in a photo. It’s one part good parenting because I’m involved and one part selfish parenting because I don’t want to step behind a camera and miss out on the fun even though I know I’ll love the evidence.

Tonight, I took the best of both worlds and asked Rob to record a particularly giggly Toby. We were rewarded with a bonus Eleanor giggle at the end.

Man, I love these kids!

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5 Responses to I live for belly laughs

  1. Meegs says:

    Aww, they are such cuties! Have to love those catching giggles!

  2. Therese says:

    Aww! That is a great belly laugh!!!

  3. Christine says:

    That is precious! I love it.

  4. Lindsey says:

    Who could not smile listening to/watching that?! I swear baby laughs are the best :)

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