Toby is the first of the trio to bust out full belly laughs (tonight!), and I was lucky enough to have my iPod Touch nearby to catch some of them on video. I also got Callista practicing her “PFFFFFFFFFFFt” and some of Eleanor chattering. Super cute. Super fun.

Toby is on the mat, Callista is in hot pink and Eleanor is in pale pink.


10 Responses to Playtime is getting WAY fun

  1. TheNextMartha says:

    So so cute.

  2. LCW says:

    Oh my goodness Jenny, that was adorable. They’re each working on their “thing”, laughing, pffting and oohing. I love watching them.

  3. Beth Anne says:

    yes. This was the perfect way to end my evening & go to bed with a happy heart :)

  4. Beth says:

    so fantastic. Love how they are just chillin’ and playing. So cute :)

  5. Alena says:

    Oh Jenny. Oh oh oh. The laughs and faces and sounds!! Oh it makes me so happy!!

  6. Sarah-Anne says:

    stop with the cute!! i can’t stand it!!

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Oh my gosh they are so cute! Baby noises and laughs are so fun as they get more active, aren’t they? We have that same rain forest jumperoo and our daughter loves it too.

  8. Sara says:

    So stinkin cute!! Their laughs slay me.

  9. melora says:

    love it! It’s amazing how they grow up so fast! Enjoy this time! You’ve earned it!

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