We bought our tree last Saturday, and I finally got around to putting the last of the ornaments on it today. After looking at this photo, I foresee some rearranging of ornaments in my future, notably when Rob comes home and points out that, once again, I have managed to concentrate ornaments in little neighborhoods rather than evenly placing them around the tree.

I share an affinity for elf culture, but I’d probably be deemed a “special” elf, just like Buddy.

I like to think I work the same as a writing process – there’s always a crappy first draft that needs some tender love and tweaking from a wise editor.

Despite whatever revisions our tree may go under, she is lit and decorated and is a sparkly, memory-filled gleaming 9-foot display of our Christmas cheer.

Next up is the base. We have some trees to add and are inheriting half of my mother-in-law’s collection of village pieces. I’m not sure if we’ll have a full village this year or not, but we need to do *something* down there.

psssst! I’m lusting after this Hogwarts Express set for myself someday. The engine puffs smoke and has an air whistle! I told Rob his train can travel through a Muggle village, but I plan to create my own Hogsmeade for my (phantom) Hogwarts train.

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2 Responses to Christmas tree: check!

  1. Jessica says:

    That is one kick ass tree. Color me jealous!

  2. Louise (mom) says:

    Love your tree. You did a nice job. Did you get the picuters of the tree,remodeling, and snow?

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